Here you can find some details of skills I consider me having.


I'm the most keen on Web Development, preferably with React and modern JavaScript and other current technologies including Node.js and the functional programming paradigm. I also have experience with other languages and frameworks such as PHP and a bit of ASP.NET and WordPress. SQL is something I'd say I have advanced knowledge of. I've also done desktop programming with Java and JavaFX, as well as .NET and WPF.

Information Technology

I have a good understanding of operating systems in general, but I have advanced experience with Windows and Android, but also some with Linux.


Although I'm not a designer, I think to have a good eye for many questions where design and layout are involved. For example, I often know how unbalanced designs can be improved. Also, I have experience in software like Adobe Illustrator; an example is my logo's design. This website was also designed by me.


Spoken languages I know are just German and English. German being my native language and English the language I've learned at school and used a lot throughout the internet. In both languages, I consider myself good at things like spelling and punctuation.

Social Skills

I'm an empathic and supportive person and care about fellow humans and justice, and I condemn any form of discrimination. Communication is something that's very important to me although I consider my skills best in written form. I also consider myself a quite honest person.